Author : The D-Man

Dupont Sues Self-Proclaimed Most Downloaded Woman For Royalties

Corporate giant Dupont, which is responsible for providing the wonders of plastics to the world and to young insecure women, is suing internet famed model Cindy Margolis for all past and future royalties. Dupont claims Margolis has profited millions directly from the various plastic and silicone products inserted into Cindy which now makes up 96% of her body. Recently found photos taken of Cindy during her early modeling days show the sharp contrast between a young girl just trying to make a few bucks posing topless for a Sears quality photographer and the carved glossy blonde, silicone bulging model we see today. Who's contrived persona and coy modeling techniques have allowed her to claim to be the most downloaded woman on the internet. However, it's highly unlikely that the most downloaded or viewed model on the internet would be one that never posed nude AFTER spending thousands on a new male fantasized body.
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