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Issue 2006.10.30 | Author : The D-Man

Covered In Liquid Costume

A gathering of various celebrities and a few non-celebs sporting illustrations on their naked bodies all for a bit of fun.
Antonella 2007 part deux
More of Antonella Mosetti in her own 2007 calendar to hit the shelves and the interweb...

The Not So Stepford Wife (Members Bonus)

With Halloween upon us again, let’s take a look at someone who scares us. Scary in the ridiculously comical way. The respectable hip hop artist known as Ice T has chosen a wife to which he obviously loves and adores but for the rest of us who get to sit back to look upon the freak show known as planet Earth, we’re going to simply do that. We’re guessing Nicole “Coco” Austin doesn’t take herself too seriously judging by what outfits she parades around in. So for that we respect her... but we still can’t help but snicker.
Nudography, Deirdre Imershein
Deirdre Imershein in 'Eden' and from an episode of 'Dream On'
Issue 2006.10.28 | Author : The D-Man

Antonella 2007 part uno

Antonella Mosetti is yet another Italian actress with her own 2007 calendar to hit the shelves and the interweb...
Paparazzi Potpourri (Members Bonus)
An Italian model modeling herself, an Aussie and sister to famous pop-singer, a British model turned actress turned middle-aged hottie, an American Puerto Rican dancer turned actress turned recording artist turned media annoyance; a famous daughter turned actress turned yummy beach bum; a Big Brother UK winner; and lastly, a Brit actress turned Jude Law girlfriend turned humiliated girlfriend when Jude cheated with nanny. Oh bother.

Nudography, Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson played in plenty of 'B' movies. Check IMDb. Here in 'Hollywood Sins', 'Lust, The Movie' and 'Stripteaser II'.
Nudography, Keira Knightley (Members Bonus)
British actress known best for her role in "Pirates of the Caribbean" (plus the 2 sequels) among other movies like "Love Actually", "Bend It Like Beckham" and "Star Wars: Episode I" (believe it or not) where she played the Queen's decoy. With almost all of her movies, she has to do the promotion thing where she must dress up all fancy and be "on" for the media to promote her latest film. Like she is doing now for "Pride & Prejudice." Of course, with all these ridiculous premiers and press junkets, the focus is more on the celebrity than the movie itself. In this case, the attention has become focused on poor Keira's nipples for showing up to promote her film as well.
Issue 2006.10.26 | Author : The D-Man

Diora Baird It All

Guess model turned actress who was most recently seen in the prequel “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning”...
That Implied Nonsense
True nude photographers (even the reputable ones) can’t stand the coy practice of implied nudity. We are to guess that it’s not because they are so hell-bent on getting a model nude but because most models who only do implied nudity are the most difficult and to work with. However, for some photographers, implied nudes are their bread and butter. It allows them to shoot some of the most revealing photographs of certain celebrities that would never dare expose a nipple to the public because we all know if they did, the world would literally come to an end.

Ladies of The L Word (Members Bonus)

Critically acclaimed TV series thanks to the fact that it doesn’t air on any of the major US networks which are known for slicing and dicing good writing and turning it into fluff. Thank Gawd for the likes of HBO and its progressive cousins like Showcase and FX. Here is a large visual study of many of the actresses from The L Word...
Nudography, Keri Russell
Keri Russell in 'Eight Days a Week (1997)'

Nudography, Kelly Lebrock

Kelly Lebrock in 'The Woman in Red (1984)'
Issue 2006.10.24 | Author : The D-Man

The Week In Rearview

A visual retrospective of the rear perspective showing the week's past internet appearances of famous and semi-famous backsides, hams, buns, derrieres, keisters, hineys, sterns, asses, beams, fannies, behinds, hind ends, bottoms, poop shutes, breeches, rumps, poopers, duffs, seats, hunkers, bums, tails, butts, rear ends, cans, posteriors, cheeks, fundaments, arses, haunches, hinders, prats, rears, tail ends, tokuses, booties, the seat of one's pants...
Supermodel Salsa (Members Bonus)
A condiment made with a variety of flavours and textures sure to delight anyone who reaches across the table for it in order to place on their favourite meat. That began sounding like a menu item and then went straight into the gutter. Here are some new images and some new and improved versions of old classics...

Nudography, Kim Bassinger

Kim Bassinger in 'Nine And A Half Weeks'
Nudography, Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington in 'She Hate Me' and 'Sexual Live'
Issue 2006.10.22 | Author : The D-Man

Eugenia Dvoretskaya

European model who had her own calendar way back in 2005...
More Sara Tommasi 2007 (Members Bonus)
More of the Italian showgirl from her 2007 calendar inlcuding more behind the scenes look at the making of said wall-hanging.

Nudography, Kate Winslet (Members Bonus)

British Kate Winslet, "The youngest actress ever to be nominated for two Academy Awards (for Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Titanic (1997))". IMDb
Issue 2006.10.20 | Author : The D-Man

Nicole da Silva da Singer

German recording artist who may very well be quite talented but since we don't have a German VH1 channel in these parts nor have any satellite radio stations from Deutschland programmed into our in our fancy Sirius IPod EmPee3 doohickey, we'll have to just guess that she is. However, looking at these photos, we might also guess that her external talents for looking pretty might be stronger than her musical prowess... but that's only if we were to judge her CD by its cover.
A Venezuelan, a Swede and a Brit (Members Bonus)
The only commonality between these three women is that they are moderately well known in their respective nations for disrobing for the cameras.

Nudography, Pilar Castro

Spanish Actress Pilar Castro.
Nudography, Polly Walker
Brit Polly Walker

Issue 2006.10.18 | Author : The D-Man

Sara Tommasi 2007

Italian showgirl in her own twenty-oh-seven calendar (which we expect to have more of in the future and hopefully at a far better a quality.) Now just to get clear, in Italy, a "showgirl" doesn't quite mean the same as it does in North America where we associate a showgirl with being a stripper. Over in the old country, they mean it almost literally. A showgirl there is a girl who is on a show. Their TV variety shows are notoriously known for having very attractive mascot-like women to bring in male audiences. Of course, North American shows would never consider using pretty women to sell themselves. We fled Europe hundreds of years ago to get away from that oppressive sexy regime of sex.
Behind The Scenes (Members Bonus)
A look at the workings behind the scenes, backstage, behind the curtain, a backstage pass look-see, an inside tour of the inner workings of a photo shoot featuring the makings of magazine spreads, music videos, advertisements and calendars including Sara Tommasi's...

Nudography, The Wendys, or is it Wendies

Wendy Devine, Wendy Kremer, Wendy Lyon, Wendy Mahoney, Wendy Rice, Wendy Wanton, Wendy Watson
Nudography, Portia DeRossi
Australian Portial DeRossi.
Issue 2006.10.16 | Author : The D-Man

No Moss On These Models

Kate has done catwalks, magazines, blow and rock stars and still manages to maintain an unusually long career as a supermodel. Good on her. While Helena focuses more on her own photography these days, she does come back in front of the camera every once in a while to show that the years have only added to her beauty.
Implying Nudity
Visually studying the art of covering one’s privates for the camera. Some use a hand and others may use both hands. While others may use a limb such as an arm or a leg to strategically cover the FCC hating parts of the body. In some instances, one will get creative and use a foreign object to obscure. This could be a scarf, a clam shell, a puppy dog or the fig leaf made famous by the Christians. Sometimes it’s as simple as contorting the body away from the camera just ever so slightly.

Sheer Accidents (Members Bonus)

Why one would trust a flimsy garment under a thin veil of cloth when your world is teeming with soul sucking paparazzi high penetrating flash in hand is beyond us sometimes. Sheerly an accident is waiting to happen... and then out of no where, you're hit with a cheesy pun.
Nudography, The Many Amandas (Members Bonus)
Aday, deCadenet, Detmer, Donohoe, Ooms, Pays, Peet, Plumber, Prentice, Righetti, Ryan, Swisten, Tapping, Walsh.
Issue 2006.10.14 | Author : The D-Man

A Miscellaneous Mixture

A visual study of the diverseness, diversity, multiplicity, multifariousness, multiformity, multiplicity, variousness, variety if you will, that exists among the world of celebrity ranging from film actresses to fashion models to b-movie actresses to athletes to musicians to tv personalities to people that just happen to get naked for a camera so as to be widely seen by folks such as yourself.
Strategic Nudes
Visually studying the art of covering one’s privates for the camera. Some use a hand and others may use both hands. While others may use a limb such as an arm or a leg to strategically cover the FCC hating parts of the body. In some instances, one will get creative and use a foreign object to obscure. This could be a scarf, a clam shell, a puppy dog or the fig leaf made famous by the Christians. Sometimes it’s as simple as contorting the body away from the camera just ever so slightly.

How Superman Would See The World (Members Bonus)

There is an interesting thing happening in the celebrity internet world. Crafty users of Photoshop have discovered a simple little trick to show how Superman might see celebrities with his x-ray vision. These images are NOT fakes despite their appearance. However, they have been tweaked using the curves and brightness/contrast tools in Adobe's fine invention to enhance what is already there. How much money do you want to bet that there is going to be some outraged celebrity who one day sues Adobe for invasion of privacy? Stranger things have happened...
Nudography, Ali Ali and Ali
Ali Landry, Ali Larter and Ali Macgraw

Nudography, Athena Athena and Athena

Athena Demos, Athena King and Athena Massey
Issue 2006.10.12 | Author : The D-Man

Kristine DeBell DeModel and DeActress

Model and actress who's credits include a number of bit parts in well known TV shows and movies from the 70s and 80s. As a model, she was lucky enough to be part of a Helmut Newton photo shoot or two. Anyone who knows Helmut's work will recognize these right away. For those who don't, take a gander at how a great photographer can make simple and ordinary settings quite interesting.
Old Man Porn (Members Bonus)
Porn lovers beware: this is hardly "porn" but we like to use the word because it has such a comedic sound to it. We also find this collection of vintage nude photography quite amusing. There is just something about how they shot nude women in the 70s and 80s (and even the 90s) that just screams cheese. It's hard to imagine that people actually thought these wardrobes and hair styles were sexy. When we think of vintage or retro nudes, we think of that classic pinup style from the 40s and 50s which remains classy and sexy to us today. Whereas a lot of the nude photography from these more recent decades, which we actually remember being around for, just make us laugh the same way we do at our old mullet filled school pictures.

Cheese This Is Not

Last time, we showed how no matter how pretty a model is; silly wardrobes and bad hair can completely take away any sexy factor from a nude photo. A lot of which we blame on the stylings (we apparently thought looked good) from the 70s and 80s. This time, we show how a great photographer with good classic taste can take a great picture full of sex appeal no matter what faddy trends styles has corrupted that decade. They can even pull it off when the model is completely clothed. I know, a women can be sexy even when she's not naked, amazing isn't it? Here are oldies but goodies as they say...
Nudography, Helena Bonham-Carter
Helena Bonham-Carter in 'The Heart of Me (2002)', 'Conversations with Other Women (2005)', 'The Wings of the Dove (1997)', 'Novocaine (2001)', 'Getting It Right (1989)', 'Margaret's Museum (1995)'

Nudography, Ursula Andress

Swiss, Ursula Andress. One of John Derek Wives, Valentino, Slave of the Cannibal God, James Bond 007 Dr. No.
Issue 2006.10.10 | Author : The D-Man

Singers, Supermodels and a Skater

An uncommonly shapely fashion model; a little known SI regular; a singer who exudes class and sophistication; a pop-singer who actually has some serious pipes; a classic supermodel recreating one of her old photo shoots; a once shapely supermodel; a supermodel who's showing how she keeps her shape with a healthy little snack; another singer using something other than her musical talents to get attention; a Pussycat Doll that you just know is going to go solo eventually; a Russian figure skater who still looks young from the neck down; a pop-singer also known as Alicia Moore; the best looking Black Eyed Pea; and probably one of the most beautiful singers around who we can't name one song that's she's done.
The Stalked and the Gawked (Members Bonus)
These are the victims of the professional stalkers and gawkers who are either really naïve and think being a celebrity and parading in public with little or no clothes will go unnoticed OR they really don't give a shit and are happy to have their naked leisure time documented. Seems unwarranted to follow someone around with a camera all the time but it does, on rare occasions, appear that these celebrities are just asking for it...

Nudography, Under The H (Members Bonus)

Caps caps and more caps. Some relatively unknowns to the 'everybody knows her', some current some from way back. Plenty to peruse for the members only.
Issue 2006.10.08 | Author : The D-Man

Happy Assgiving Day

Thanks to the earlier harvest, Canadians will be chowing down on the tradional turkey and pumpkin pie this weekend to celebrate their version of Thanksgving. Unlike their American counterparts, Canada's Thanksgiving is more about being thankful of the bounty their harvest brings rather than celebrating their forefather's complete desecration of an entire culture for who's people they ignorantly called Indians because they actually thought they landed in India way back when. However, the European settlers that became the modern Canadians did destroy the Northern tribes of North America as well; they were just more polite about it. So to celebrate our infamous asshole ancestry, here are some famous asses...
Real Accidents vs Attention Seeking Incidents (Members Bonus)
Can you spot the members of the attention seeking species known as celebrities in this collection who purposely used nudity to turn heads versus the ones who "just happened" to show off a tad of nudity by accident? Sometimes it’s a real fine line...

Nudography, Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah in 'Summer Lovers, 'Splash', 'Reckless' and 'Dancing At The Blue Iguana'
Nudography, Debra Winger
Debra Winger in 'An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)', The Sheltering Sky (1990) and 'Slumber Party '57 (1976)'

Nudography, Darcy Demoss

Darcy Demoss in 'Eden' and 'Forbidden Zone, Alien Abduction'
Issue 2006.10.06 | Author : The D-Man

Names Shmames

Sometimes the photography is interesting enough, the model is compelling enough or in this case, the bum is beautiful enough to out weigh the importance of the personality being photographed. These are fine examples of such an occurrence happening...
Proof That We Are All Naked Under Our Clothes
Despite popular belief among the faithful on the right (right out to lunch), our clothes just temporarily cover our naked nude bodies which include all of our bumps, humps, crevices, holes, sacks and all the various erectile tissues. It's all under there. If we all wore outfits like the following celebrities, those wingnuts in denial would maybe no longer live in their imaginary sexless world.

International Site Seeing (Members Bonus)

To Japan we visit a model turned actress who was recently seen in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" and then go south to Brazil to find well tanned locals. We then scurry off to Britain check in to see if anyone has said "brilliant" in the last 2 seconds and they did numerous times after seeing the latest from Miss Keeley. We finish up in Italy to find another one of their film actresses to be rather good looking, and yes, naked.
Nudography, Deborah Unger
Movies include Crash, The Game,Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994) .... Alex Johnson/Sarah

Nudography, Daneen Boone

B movie actress Danneen Boone played Justine in all parts of Justine series which some are shown here.
Issue 2006.10.04 | Author : The D-Man

Photoshop Explodes After Retoucher Attempts To Remove Courtney Love's Many Bruises

Reports coming out of Southern California say that a retouch artist for an American magazine suffered burns after his computer exploded into flames. It is said the retoucher had spent 73 straight hours attempting to remove the multiple amounts of skin bruises plaguing Courtney Love's body from photos taken of the alt-rocker slash rock widow when his computer was overworked to the point of total combustion. Any retouching done was lost due to the explosion. No new attempts were made to remove the bruises again. Instead, the photographer decided to show Courtney and her little splotchy purple friends together to show the disturbing reality that is Courtney Love.
Hey Jo (Members Bonus)
Where are you going with those breasts in your hand? This British model, who has gone on to do some TV hosting duties, has been known to get rather comfortable for the cameras. In fact, more comfortable than what we usually show here but she's been around for so long and has gone on to be one of the more famous models in her genre that we'll excuse her for showing so much of her naughty bits...

Nudography, Odessa Munroe

Odessa Munroe in 'Freddy vs Jason' and 'Final Destination 2'
Nudography, Paige Paige and Paige
Paige Moss in 'The Ranch (2004) (TV)', Paige Peterson in 'House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim (2005) (TV)' and Paige Turco in 'Dark Tides (1998)'
Issue 2006.10.02 | Author : The D-Man

Christina Ricci's Boob Is For The Birds

It appears former child actress (who actually turned into a real actress) Christina Ricci has done what so many young women do these days is mark her body with a pretty little picture. She was a little bit more original by not choosing her lower back and chose her right breast as the canvas instead. Some have questioned the following picture if I indeed it's actually Miss Ricci. However, the other photos here should stop all rumours and confirm that it is in fact Christina's boob sporting an illustration.
Strategic Nudes
Visually studying the art of covering one’s privates for the camera. Some use a hand and others may use both hands. While others may use a limb such as an arm or a leg to strategically cover the FCC hating parts of the body. In some instances, one will get creative and use a foreign object to obscure. This could be a scarf, a clam shell, a puppy dog or the fig leaf made famous by the Christians. Sometimes it’s as simple as contorting the body away from the camera just ever so slightly.

Reduxed (Members Bonus)

This is a gathering of celebrity images that may have been seen here before but not at this high of a quality. We don't call these repeats, we call them reduxeses.
Nudography, Under The O
Group of actresses, as the title says, under the 'O'
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