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December 2007
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Issue 2007.12.30
The Dman
Ah, The British
They are so proper with their English speaking ways. Their children sound like little geniuses with that adorable accent coming out of their mouths. Even their pinup models sound like they know a thing or two about a thing or two. A far cry from their So Cal counterparts who are often inflicted with that horrid accent originally known as valley girl. Unfortunately, we don’t have any voiceovers with these pictures of Aisleyne Horgan, Anne-Marie Mogg, Kayleigh Pearson and Seren Gibson to show how their British accents up their IQs by about 30 points. So just use your eyes to soak up their genius...
Krystal Forscutt Gets All Naked Silhouettey
Aussie Big Brother contestant Krystal Forscutt’s silhouette shows off her obvious procedure of enlargement and normally, such a drastic procedure makes me flinch and shake my head asking “Why oh why?” but this time, the execution of the photo and the rest of Krystal’s positives make me say, “Hey, not bad.” However, all in all, it was a n unnecessary procedure ...but nice photo shoot.
Nicollette Sheridan Wears The Effen Shit Out Of Bikinis (Members Bonus)
Michael Bolton made two good decisions in his life. One: to cut his hair. Two: two get back together with Nicollette Sheridan. Both wise decisions that could only be topped in wisdom with the decision to STOP SINGING! As these recent candids of Nicollette frolicking at the beach in various bikinis, you can see for a man Bolton’s age and with a voice of a slow dying cat, he should be just peachy with delight to have a peer as hot as Sheridan. (Please note: there IS an Oops happening in the first two red bikini images where a nipple does emerge which we all know is what the people want.)
Nudography, Heidi Schanz
Heidi Schanz in an unknown film, possibly The Strip.
Nudography, Mixed and Mixed Up
Mixed batch of video caps to finish off the year. This group includes Alice Krige, Alison Lohman, Amanda Donohoe, Angie Dickinson, Beau Garrett, Christina Cole, Danielle Brisebois, Elena Lyons, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Elisabetta Terrible, Elsa Pataky, Foxy Brown, Gilda Texter, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Greta Scacchi, Gwen Somers, Irina Voronina, Joanna Going, Katja Bienert, Monique Gabrielle, Nancy Allen, Pam Grier, Sabrina Bryan, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Platt, Tatjana Patitz, Tawny Kitaen, Uschi Digard.
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Issue 2007.12.28
The Dman
Around The Celebrity World In 80 Photos
South American Belen Lavallen, cleavagey Beyonce Knowles, actress Bridget Moynahan, Europe’s Candace Kroslak, baby infected Christina Aguilera, classy dressing Danielle Lloyd, South American Eliana Guercio, actress Elsa Pataky, Oscar winner Halle Berry, Paul’s crazy ex Heather Mills, the perfectly bummed Jakki Degg, Germany’s Janine Habeck, actress Jenna Dewan, curvy Jennifer Santiago, hood ornament Lauren Dally, Italy’s Luisa Corna, a very naked Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross, the sick to your stomach beautiful Megan Fox, SI model Megan McKenzie, embryo infected Melissa Joan-Hart, Argentinean Natacha Jaitt, the cute and always coy Natalia Oreiro, calendar girl Nena Ristic, Ice-T junk grabbing Nicole-Coco-Austin, knockout Nicole Scherzinger, model Nikolina Pisek, the goldenly lame Paris Hilton, the beautiful and jewel encrusted Paz Vega, former wrestler Rena Mero, Robert Rodriguez’s overused muse Rose McGowan, Argentina’s Sabrina Rojas, the highly overrated Scarlett Johansson, bosomy Sophie Howard, actress Sophie Monk, the photoshopped Stacy Ferguson and gam goddess Stacy Keibler.
Oops (Members Bonus)
The latest in accidental (and suspiciously unaccidental) celebrity nudity... featuring Beyonce Knowles, Emma Griffiths, Jennifer Lopez, K.D. Aubert, Kimberley Walsh, Kylie Bax, Lilly Allen, May Andersen, Megan Fox, Nelly Furtado, Nicole-Coco-Austin , Nicole Kidman, Ninel Conde, Rose McGowan, Sarah-Jessica Parker, Shiri Applebee, Sofia Hayat and Sophie Anderton.
Nudography, Miou Miou
French actress Miou Miou has acted in over 70 productions.
Nudography, Melissa Moore
Kentuckian scream queen Melissa Moore had a comic book ("Melissa Moore, Bodyguard") based on her.
Nudography, Louise Robey
Canadian Louise Robey had a short career spanning only 6 years. Best known for her appearance in Friday the 13th. Here in Play Nice.
Nudography, Kelly Lynch
American Kelly Lynch, who turned down the role in Basic Instinct (big oops on that one), later played by Sharon Stone. Here way back in Warm Summer Rain (1989).
Issue 2007.12.26
The Dman
Bush Still Popular In 2008
The George W variety not included. We’re talking about a model by the name of Natalia Bush who’s apparently popular enough to warrant her own 2008 calendar. She’s an attractive lady but from previous pictures we have seen of her, it appears in 2008 she has altered her look in such a way that she’s gone to the cheesy side of attractiveness. Take a look in the archives and you’ll see how she once appeared more natural with less fromage aroma. Maybe it’s just me...
Groovy Amii Grove
She’s one of the slightly less endowed models among her bosomy counterparts over there yonder in the UK pinup world, but of course, we don’t equate bigger with better. Nor should you... or that guy over there. Even that girl over there, (you know who you are,) should stop fooling herself with that myth. Got it? Good.
Karolina Kurkova Rocks Thong
Perhaps the title is slightly hyperbolic but it is also a lame play on words. Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been caught once again by the paparazzi during a photo shoot. This time, it involves rocks and a thong. Hence, the previous lameness typed out to fill in this space. There’s also some other behind the scenes action to be seen here...
Exchanging The Crap For Crap That Is Less Crappy (Members Bonus)
That’s what people generally do on this day following the crap exchange known as Christmas. So stores have prepared themselves for all the gift returns today by offering super super sales to lure you into buying more while you happen to be in the store returning that electric taint warmer your Grandmother mistakenly got for you. So here is a collection of images we are exchanging for previously seen ones because their quality is either a lot or slightly better than what’s in the current archive. So really, this might be full of useless crap to you just like your stocking was.

Nudography, Foreign To Me
Sometimes I wish I spoke more languages. Aglaia Szyszkowitz, Alexandra-Maria Lara, Alexandra Schalaudek, Alison Routledge, Andrea Sawatzki, Angelica Domroese, Anja Kruse, Anke Engelke, Anna Falchi, Annekathrin Buerger, Anne Bennent, Anne Parillaud, Anne Weinknecht, Annika Marklund, Barbara Valentin, Beate Finckh, Catherine Flemming, Christine Kaufmann, Claudia Michelsen, Claudine Wilde, Corinna Harfouch, Cristel Braak, Deborah Caprioglio, Dita Von-Teese, Doris Hick, Elke Sommer, Ellen Umlauf, Emma DeCaunes, Eva Green, Eva Meier, Geno Lechner, Gesine Cukrowski, Gudrun Landgrebe, Hanna Schygulla, Hildegard Alex, Idil Uener, Jenny-Marie Muck, Jessica Kosmalla, Jessica Stockmann, Johanna Liebeneiner, Judith Hofmann, Julia Brendler, Julia Thurnau, Karina Fallenstein, Karina Kraushaar, Katharina Lorenz, Kathrin Spielvogel, Katja Bienert, Katja Riemann, Laura Tonke, Liane Forestieri, Maja Maranow, Mareile Hoeppner, Maria Kwiatkowsky, Marina Krogull, Martina Gedeck, Martine Carol, Minh Kai, Muriel Baumeister, Nadeshda Brennicke, Nadja Uhl, Nina Hoss, Nina Kunzendorf, Nina Proll, Pamela Prati, Paz Vega, Rebecca Mosselmann, Rita Russek, Ronit Elkabetz, Sabine Petzl, Sabine Postel, Sabine Sinjen, Sabine Vitua, Sandra Ferrara, Sarah Ulrich, Sibylle Canonica, Silvia Janisch, Solveig Arnarsdottir, Sophie Schuett, Susanne Bormann, Suzanne Borsody, Svenja Pages, Sybille Waury, Sylvie Testud, Tanja Wedhorn, Tina Ruland, Valerie Mairesse, Veronica Ferres, Wiltrud Schreiner.
Issue 2007.12.24
The Dman
It’s Jesus Claus eve/day so we bring out the traditional images we associate with this special special day: topless girls in Santa hats and red ribbons with, of course, a candy cane worked into the equation some how. The festive females are Amii Grove, Eliana Guercio, Evangelina Anderson, Imogen Thomas, Kitty Lea, Lindsey-Anne Strutt, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Rebecca Loos, Rhian Sugden, Sam Cooke, Sam Heuston, Seren Gibson, Sophie Howard, and Wanda Nara.
Capitalism and Porn BFF
To all those who still hold dear the English language, BFF is best friend(s) forever. The texting junkies and anyone born after 1985 know perfectly well what BFF means but we have our doubts they know how to properly spell the word friend. Hence, all the maddening acronymization of our language. This same generation probably can’t remember a time when capitalism wasn’t so pornographic and pornography wasn’t so capitalistic. Now, the two intermingle every day in the mainstream media like Tide and Soap Operas did in the 80s and 90s. “These tits brought to you by the good people at Sony” is basically what the following magazine spread is telling us. Actually, maybe it’s not Sony products being whored off here. It’s hard to tell or care with all the naked ladies. Yet, I feel compelled to buy something...
Nudography Marisa Tomei
Once again but in better quality and quantity, Marisa Tomei’s nude scene from Before the Devil Knows You're Dead...
Nudography, Janel Moloney
Janel Moloney, The West Wing's Donna Moss, here in one of my favorite series 'Brotherhood'.
Issue 2007.12.22
The Dman
Lucy Pinder Will Still Be Naked in 2008
According this alleged leaked photo spread due to come out in February of the upcoming 08 year, Lucy Pinder will continue her naked ways of expressing herself rather than her former coy and strategically covered ways of the past (also seen here.)
Foreign Foreigners
Argentinean Big Brother contestant Griselda Sanchez, Lauren Thomas of what we guess to be Germany, Luli Fernandez of Argentina, one named Spanish wonder Merxe, England’s Nikki Theobald, Pamela Sosa who may be from Spain, Germany’s Theodora Richards and Portugal’s Vanessa Oliveira.
Stalked and Gawked (Members Bonus)
Highlighted victims of the paparazzi are Adriana Volpe, Aisleyne Horgan, Alessia Marcuzzi, Amanda Beard, classic Cameron Diaz topless in HigherQ, classic but HigherQ Elizabeth Hurley, Francesca D'Auria, Jenny Frost, Kate DelCastillo, Kerry Katona, Laurence Ferrari, Martina Colombari, Natalia Bush, Pamela Anderson, Penelope Cruz, Rita Rusic, Sabrina Ferilli, Sarah Dunn, Silvina Luna, Stefania Orlando, Tone Damli, Valeria Marini and Vanessa Minnillo.
Nudography, Lou Doillon
Hot French actress Lou Doillon (Daughter of Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon) in 'Sisters (2006)'
Issue 2007.12.20
The Dman
Andrea Garcia of Mexico
Mexican actress seen here in a coy, yet sexy, little photo shoot...
Nicole Neumann of Argentina
Nicole Unter Ruberbacher Neumann to be exact. Born to an Austrian father, hence the middle names, and a German Argentine mother Nicole started modeling at age 11 and is considered one of the top Argentinean models in the international fashion world. Ok, we’re going to stop there with the Wiki sounding bio-blurb and allow you to get straight to the images of this beauty from South America...
Dorismar of the Argentinean Stage
Dora Noemí Kerchen or better known as Dorisma is a mutli-slashed talent by being a model slash actress slash television host slash singer slash all around sexy lady.
Pirner Alma of Some Country With An Effed-Up Alphabet
I don’t know how the kids in Pirna Alma’s home country are expected to learn their own alphabet let alone speak using it. It doesn’t help with all the dots and flicks above some of the letters either. Ok, I’m going to stop pretending to be an unworldly ignoramus and allow you to take a look a Pirner who we’re guessing through all the consonants that she is from Hungary.
Malena Gracia of My Dark Scary Childhood Closet
Malena Gracia is actually from Spain, but my God man, what has she done to herself? She’s scary enough with the tons of airbrushing seen here but I can’t imagine her creeping outside of my closet in the middle of the night sans special effects. Normally, that should be a positive fantasy having a shapely woman coming out of your closet in the middle of the night but after Malena’s obvious nips and tucks, she looks like a monster. Sure, a monster I might have sex with but a monster nonetheless. I’m a horrible person.
Notable Nude Scenes (Members Bonus)
A number of nude scenes from well known actresses created by video capturing devices which is where we get the term “vidcaps” from. Can you tell we’ve run out of things to say?
Nudography, Roberta Vasquez
Roberta Vasquez in Do or Die (1991) aka Girls, Games and Guns
Nudography, Amanda Ooms
Swedish actress Amanda Ooms in multiple productions.
Issue 2007.12.18
The Dman
Most of 2008 Sees Nena Ristic Naked
Serbian beauty Nina Ristic has come out with, what we believe to be, her second calendar with the first one being for the 2006th year. We never did see a 2007 calendar from Nena, it may have existed, but its her 2008 calendar which is among the year’s best of naked lady wall hangings.
Nipple Free Nudity
It seems the censors of the world are “ok” with a picture of a topless woman as so long as the nipples are not in view. Then on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who get rather irritated when they look at a woman posing naked but insist on hiding those elusive patches of skin. These annoyed bunch can’t quite understand why the model can’t just let them be free for all to see. It’s probably these irritated horny boys who give some fodder to the censors for the strange reasoning behind their “nipples cause anarchy” argument. We say to the censors, get over it and stop the hypocrisy. We say to the frustrated nipple seekers, sit back and enjoy these pictures despite the lack of those square inches you insist on seeing each and every time. A picture can be pretty darn sexy without them sometimes.
When Nipples Are Set Free (Members Bonus)
Ok, here they are, you nipple fiends, in all there naked glory which belong to some of your favourite pinup models who make a handsome living freeing them. So now you can settle down and go on about your normal business. (Featuring Amy Diamond, Eva Wyrwal, Kitty Lea, Lindsey-Anne Strutt, Lucy Pinder, Malene Espensen, Peta Todd, Porchia , Sammy Braddy, Seren Gibson, Sophie Howard and Veronica Manso.)
Nudography, Asia Argento
Unfortunately, this Italian actress with a well rounded film career in Europe is probably best known to North American audiences for being in a Vin Diesel movie. Officially named Aria since the registration office did not accept Asia.
Nudography, Alice Braga
Brazilian Alice Braga in 'Cidade Baixa (2005) ... aka Lower City'
Issue 2007.12.16
The Dman
A Kitty Trapped Under a Sophie
A naked posing duet between two well-known Brit pinups, Kitty Lea and Sophie Howard.
Mixture of Miscellany
Featuring Aria Giovanni, Brigitte Nielsen, Carolina Marconi, Caroline Eyrolle, Cery Matthews, Chanelle Hayes, Elenoire Casalegno, Elizabeth Banks, Evgenya Gabidulina, Geraldine Neumann, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Jennifer Lopez, Jennipher Rodriguez, Jesse Jane, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jurgita Tvarish, Kym Ryder, Leonor Varela, Lindsay Lohan, Lisa Lyon, Madchen Amick, Magda Gomes, Melita Toniolo, Michelle Marsh, Monica Bellucci, Nina Moric, Rosario Dawson, Sarah Shahi, Silvia Gonzalez, Sofia Vergara, Theodora Richards, Tila Tequila, some unknowns , Vania Millan and Winona Ryder.
Best Bums According To Some Nuts
Ok, so the British have exported a number of lovely pinups in recent years. Most of which are known for the ample bosom. They rarely focus or even really pay attention to the rear like our friends in South America do. Like last year, they’ve put together a Best Buns list and again it’s filled with ladies, albeit a majority of them cuties, who really aren’t carrying any junk that is all that exciting in the trunk. (Some exceptions of course.) You be the judge because clearly, these lists are for all you Judgy Judgertons who like to say who’s better than who, all in numerical order.
Now These Are Bums You Write Home About (Members Bonus)
We're not going to dive into our archives to put out our own Best Bums list (we might one day) but instead, we have to counter the list above with a collection of recent images to hit the net that feature celebrities from around the world who really ought to be on a best backsides, hams, buns, derrieres, keisters, hineys, sterns, asses, beams, fannies, behinds, hind ends, bottoms, poop shutes, breeches, rumps, poopers, duffs, seats, hunkers, bums, tails, butts, rear ends, cans, posteriors, cheeks, fundaments, arses, haunches, hinders, prats, rears, tail ends, tokuses, booties, the seat of one's pants list.
Nudography, Today L, Not The L Word
Mixed caps. Loretta Lee, Lore Dijkman, Lori-Dawn Messuri, Loriele New, Lorielle New, Lorissa McComas, Lori Heuring, Lori Singer, Lori Wagner, Lorraine Bracco, Lorraine deSalle, Lorraine DeSelle, Loryn Locklin, Lotte Heise, Loudy Tourky, Louisa Clein, Louisa Moritz, Louise Mieritz, Louise Page, Louise Tillberg, Lou Broclain, Lou Lou, Luana Anders, Luana Piovani, Lubna Azabal, Luciana Carro, Luciana Salazar, Luciano Salazar, Lucia Bravo, Lucie Jeanne, Lucretia Love, Lucy Brown, Lucy Cohu, Lucy Davenport, Lucy Gutteridge, Ludmilla Ferraz, Luisa Ranieri, Lyndsey Marshall, Lynette Harris, Lynn Lowry, Lynn Moody, Lynn Snelling, Lynsey Baxter
Issue 2007.12.14
The Dman
Russian Born, Italian Loved Ludmilla Radchenko
Like so many other lovely ladies famous in Italy, Ludmilla was born outside the Roman walls. This time in Russia. Thanks to the double-u double-u double-u, she's now known far beyond Italy...
Michelle Marsh So Subversive By Posing Naked Next to a Pool
Once again the world has been given the gift of edgy artistic culture where a busty blond model gets naked with the presence of a backyard pool to add to the complex and twisting plot. Horny boys rejoice. Thinkers say “meh” ...but don’t look away either.
Varying Variety
Friday Night Lights’ Adrianne Palicki, Venezuelan Ainett Stephens, former Baywatcher Angelica Bridges, a great shot from Angelina Jolie’s early modeling career and some very over hyped and “what is the big deal” her computerized nudity from Beowulf, Brittany Murphy, Brooke Burke, Brooke Burns, Brooke Satchwell, a pregnant Christina Aguilera, a recycled image Eva Mendes in the name of human rights, a surprising sexy shot of Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere, Heather Graham doing it doggy style, a modern day Jennifer Aniston reliving a photo shoot from about 10 years ago, actress Keeley Hawes, Keira Knightley getting naked because she was asked to, the sexy little Kitty Lea, the almost always naked-but-only-in-split-seconds-of-a-movie Leelee Sobieski, the lovely Leonor Varela, the doesn’t-know-what-real-rehab-is Lindsay Lohan, the stunning Manuela Arcuri, the rumoured Wonder Woman Megan Gale and the often scantily clad Nell McAndrew.
When Underwear Is Meant to be Seen (Members Bonus)
There seems to be two kinds of underwear: the kind that is meant to serve as a biohazard guard for your outer clothes so they’ve been design for practical purposes not aesthetic ones. Then there is the kind designed purely to be looked at and are questionably impractical. Here is a catalogue-esque looking collection of the perdy kind of underoos on some somewhat well known models including a very young Joanna Krupa in some R rated looking undergarments. Some of these are so high res you can guess the temperature of the room the models were standing in by counting how high the fine hairs on their bums are standing. (Featuring Alina Vacariu, Anahi Gonzales, Candice Swanepoel, Carolina-Pampita Ardohain, Jamie Gunns, Jarah Mariano, Jennifer Lamiraqui, Joanna Krupa, Kerri Kasem, and Kim Smith.)
Nudography, Unknown and Mixed Up (Members Bonus)
Over 400 caps of unknows.
Issue 2007.12.12
The Dman
Jesus Predates Greeks, Romans, Talk-Show Retards
According to brain genius and co-host of The View Sherri Shepherd, “Nothing predated Christians.” This argument of course supported by the images of Jesus riding the Dinosaurs to Sunday school. Sherri was told that both the Greeks and Romans came first which prompted her insightful view on the topic. How do we tie this entertaining little nugget of useless pop cultured news story with this site? Well, here are some naked Greek and Italian (the modern day Romans) celebrities... including Greece’s, Anna Dineri, Linda Kustanczi and Sasha Basta along with Italy’s Valeria Marini and the always lovely Aida Yespica.
Accidental Celebrity Nudity Continues (Members Bonus)
Whether it’s a gravity induced boob peak (more widely known as the ole nip slip) or the almost always unflattering Upskirt or the often comical butt cleavage or the surprisingly frequent sheer oops, celebrities continue to show up in public in unconventional outfits that are bound to fail them. Here is wide ranged collection of Celebrity Oops images from the last while... highlighted by Lilly Allen, Megan Fox, and Kylie Bax. Plus Amy Winehouse, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce Knowles, Cameron Diaz, Carmen DiPietro, Celine Dion, Cerys Matthews, Christina Aguilera, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Emilia Attias, Foxy Brown, Frederique VanDerWal, Gail O'Grady, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Simpson, Jodie Marsh, Jordan , Kylie Minogue, Leonor Varela, Lindsay Lohan, Lisa Rinna, Lucy Lawless, Maurizia Cacciatori, Meagan Good, Melyssa Ford, Michelle Heaton, Natalie Portman, Nicole-Coco-Austin, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Sarah Harding, Scarlett Johansson, Soleil Moon-Frye, Tara Reid, Victoria Beckham, and Zoe Lucker.
Nudography, Marisa Tomei
Topless in “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (2007)...
Nudography, Mercy Rooney
Mercy Rooney in an oldie. Once PB rabbit in 'Space-Thing (1968)'
Issue 2007.12.10
The Dman
Missy Rayder Is Missing Her Vagina
Leave it to the editorial artists who come up with these whacked-out concepts in order to sell... hmm... clothes? It’s a little difficult at times to figure what exactly they’re trying to sell us. The distraction of a vaginaless Missy Rayder tends to focus our eyes away from the designer pumps.
Anouck Lepere of Belgium
Slender, young, pretty and has a weird name. Anouck qualifies to be a fashion model.
Olga Sherer of Somewhere
Another unique looking model who struts the runway and is the warm body for editorials in those ad packed glossy magazines...
Catrinel Menghia of The Left Side of My Bed
While this model is originally from Romania, Catrinel now resides (usually at night) on the left side of my bed. A place she enjoys being and I can’t complain either for her wise, wise decision. Clearly, Wikipedia needs to update their information.
Ludmilla Radchenko 2008
Siberian model Ludmilla Radchenko adds another calendar to her resume...
Around The World In 80 Photos (Members Bonus)
Portugal’s Ana-Cristina Oliveira, Poland’s Ania , Spain’s Belen Rodriguez, USA’s Carmen Electra, Argentina’s Carolina-Pampita Ardohain, Australia’s Dannii Minogue, France’s Emmanuelle Seigner, UK’s Heather Mills, Venezuela’s Keyla Espinoza, USA’s Lara Harris, Japan’s Rika Aiuchi, Italy’s Roberta Missoni, Italy’s Rosaria Cannavo and Cuba’s Vida Guerra.
Nudography, Under the M, 4 of 4
Michelle Agnew, Michelle Breton, Michelle Buswell, Michelle Gould, Michelle Moffett, Michelle Ruben, Michelle Shor, Michelle Wolff, Michou Pascale-Anderson, Mika Heilmann, Mila Lipner, Millie Perkins, Mimi Craven, Mina Badie, Mina Tander, Ming Na-Wen, Mini Anden, Miou , Miranda Bailey, Mircea Monroe, Mireille Darc, Miriam Morgenstern, Miriam Morgernstern, Misty Mundae, Mita Medici, Mi Gronlund, Monet Mazur, Monica Broeke-Premierd, Monica Calhoun, Monica Davidescu, Monica Godoy, Monica Himmelheber, Monica Mayhem, Monica Nickel, Monica vanCampen, Monika Lundi, Monika Schnarre, Monika Verbutaite, Monika Zinnenberg, Moniques VanDeVen, Monique Alexander, Monique Mercure, Monique VanDerVen, Muriel Baumeister, Muriel Catala, Muriel Montossey, Myriel Brechtel
Issue 2007.12.08
The Dman
English Muffins
Is that headline offensive to women, the British or you the reader for its corniness? Well, if all three offend you, then let’s get really offensive and throw in some naked breasts because they are notorious for offending nearly everybody. (Featuring Abi Titmuss, Chanelle Hayes, Charlotte McKenna, Danielle Lloyd, Emma Griffiths, Gemma Atkinson, Jakki Degg, Keeley Hazell, Kelly Brook, Louise Cliffe, Louise Porter, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Natasha Marley, Nikkala Stott, Rachel Cordingley, Seren Gibson, Sophie Ellis and Sophie Howard.)
Random Blondness
Like how the stereotypical blonde’s mind is all over the place, so are the kinds of different celeb-ish ladies here... who are Adriana Karembeu, Aisleyne Horgan, Amanda Harrington, Anita Lindvall, Anna Hilton, Anya Monzikova, Camilla Sjoberg, Charlotte Marshall, Christina Aguilera, Donna Tickle, Emily Scott, Jessica Cirio, Joanna Krupa, Jodi Oram, Joke VanDeVelde, Julieta Prandi, Kelly Bell, Kristen Bell, Lauren Pope, Lene Alexandra, Lisa-Marie Bourke, Lorena Ceriscioli, Lousie Hunt, Meg Ryan, Monica Hansen, Natalie Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Patricia Conde, Pernilla Lundberg, Sarita Stella, Torrie Wilson, Tuuli Reynolds, Victoria Silvstedt, Virginie Caprice, Wanda Nara and Yasmine Barnard.
Study Finds Plastic Is Seeping Into Our Food, Women
It appears we can’t go any where in this world without some petroleum product getting into our food, our air and now our lovely ladies. The funny and depressing thing is that we’re doing it in the name of convenience and vanity. Two solid reasons for giving ourselves strange illnesses and mangled up faces and chests. Before we depress you any further, here is a collection of what could be some very attractive ladies who went and kinda effed that up by injecting some chemical that the FDA (and their equivalents) say are “ok” for us despite the odd face melting and exploding mammary glad. Thank the Lord they at least keep us safe from The Pot. Imagine what would happen if were allowed to put that Satan grass into our bodies. We might end up feeling... good. No one wants that. Interesting side note: notice how all of these ladies are blond. There seems to be this misguided idea that the ideal involves large lips, large breasts and blond hair. How did that happen?
Anna Taverner Gets Water Wings (Members Bonus)
Speaking of strange decisions, here is Brit pinup model Anna Taverrner who obviously had a little help in the bosom area. Again, calling it an improvement is questionable. These pre-surgery paparazzi shots show Anna appearing quite comfortable with her appearance. Maybe it was her artificial floatation device sporting friend Jerri Byrne who convinced her that her natural bosom was hazard when going into the water. Water wings go on the outside of your arms Anna. Not inside your chest. Again, silly decisions make for silly looking people.
Nudography, Under the M, 3 of 4
Mary-Louise Weller, Maryam d'Abo, Mary Carey, Mary Ketikidou, Mary Mendum, Mary Woronov, Mary Woronow, Mar Regueras, Mashiah Vaughn-Hulburt, Mason Marconi, Mathilda May, Maureena Galindo, Maureen Flaherty, Maxim Roy, Maya-Tai Dorsey, Maya Sansa, Megan-Lee Ethridge, Megan Dorman, Meghan-Maureen McDonough, Melania Urbina, Melanie Good, Melanie Hall, Melanie Laurent, Melanie Rademaker, Melia Careena, Melinda Armstrong, Melinda Bonini, Melinda Songer, Melissa Brasselle, Melissa Lechner, Melissa Sagemiller, Mia-Cathrine Stien-Karlsen, Mia Nygren, Mia RUiz, Mia Zottoli, Michaela Mann, Michaela Schaffrath, Michela Cescon, Michela Noonan, Michele Bernier, Michele Mercier, Michelle Agnew
Issue 2007.12.06
The Dman
Greek Food and Model Yummy
Model Olga Farmaki of Greece is what the headline says which just so happens to be the same for Spanakopita.
Selling the Underoos
If one wants to sell underwear, they need to make it look a lot more appealing than what it usually looks like: wadded up on the bathroom floor next to the toilet plunger. So with the help of models like there’s a good chance both ladies and gentlemen will get the urge to shell out the coin to by this tiny piece of fabric for tens upon tens of dollars in the hopes either they or their partner will resemble someone like one of these models instead of some half-dressed yahoo on Jerry Springer.
International Site Seeing (Members Bonus)
Featuring Japan’s Ami Ayukawa, Spain’s Elsa Anka and Elsa Olsen, Argentina’s Jessica Cirio, England’s Katie Richmond, Colombia’s Marilyn Patino, US born but Italy employed Nadia Cassini and Spain’s Pilar Vaya and Susana Reche.
Nudography, Under the M, 2 of 4
Marie Forsa, Marie France, Marie Jinno, Marie Jose, Marie Louise, Marie Richardson, Marie Trintignant, Marie Zielcke, Marika Lagercrantz, Marika Lagerkranz, Marika Lindstrom, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Marilyn Joi, Marilyn Jones, Marina DeVan, Marina Malchevskaya, Marina Pierro, Marine Delterme, Marion Mitterhammer, Marisa Petroro, Marisa Ramirez, Marisa Ryan, Marita Ditmar, Mariwin Roberts, Mariya Mironova, Mari Maurstad, Marla Malcolm, Marla Malcom, Marla Sokoloff, Marlene Jobert, Marne Patterson, Marsha Hunt, Marta Dualde, Marta Dusseldorp, Marta Etura, Marta Nieto, Marthe Keller, Martina Gedeck, Martina Poel, Martina Stella, Mary-Beth Rubens, Mary-Kay Place, Mary-Louise Weller

Issue 2007.12.04
The Dman
The Lily Cole Species Extinct in 100 Years
Scientists say redheads will become extinct within 100 years from now. The fire-headed ones make up less than two percent of the current world’s population and are becoming a dying breed. Even rarer are redheaded supermodels and England’s Lilly Cole is as unique as they come.
Supermodels Will Wear Barely-There Swimsuits in 2008
2008 is also apparently the year we experience head trauma causing a part of the brain that hold our memories of supermodel pictures to be damaged disallowing us to remember that the majority of these pictures in the ’08 SI Calendar are in fact the same pictures we saw less than a year ago in their magazine. If SI thinks it’s a good idea of recycle old photos, then so do we. Here’s the 2008 calendar full of supermodels that might look familiar to many...
Some Brief British Boob Related Nakedness
To break up the wafer-thin fashion models, here are Kayleigh Pearson, Keeley Hazell, Lindsey-Anne Strutt, Louise Cliffe and Malene Espensen.
Supermodel Smorgasbord (Members Bonus)
The lovely lady of Brazil Adriana Lima in newer scans of some oldies, Leo’s apparent g-friend Bar Rafaeli, the lengthy Izabel Goulart, the always naked and smoking (cigarettes) Kate Moss, the near perfect Marisa Miller, the sexy accented Miranda Kerr, the beautiful head-case Naomi Campbell, the suspected reason Jarret Stoll is having such a shitty season Rachel Hunter, the genetically gifted Roberta Murgo of Brazil and the not-dumb but kinda annoying Tyra Banks.
Nudography, Under the M, 1 of 4
Madonna , Maggie Quigley, Maja Ottesen, Malena Engstrom, Malin Larsson, Mallaury Nataf, Malonga Desiree, Mandy Fisher, Mandy Schaffer, Mapi Galan, Maren Gilzer, Margit Carlqvist, Margit Carstensen, Margo Stilley, Mari-Anne , Maria-Luftpiraten , Marianne Anska, Marianne Basler, Marianne Denicourt, Marianne Denincourt, Marianne Morris, Marianne Ulrichsen, Maria Andersson, Maria Cilea, Maria DeMedeiros, Maria Diaz, Maria Elise, Maria Ellingsen, Maria Ford, Maria Kooistra, Maria Kulle, Maria Pitarresi, Maria Reyes, Maria Semenova, Maria Simon, Maria Valeta, Maribel Guardia, Marie-Christine Deshayes, Marie-Claude Joseph, Marie-France Pisier, Marie-Josee Croze, Marie-Louise Ekman, Marie-Lou Sellem, Marieta Orozco, Marie Claude-Joseph, Marie Colbin, Marie Ekorre,
Issue 2007.12.02
The Dman
Keyla Espinoza 2008
Venezuelan born and Italian employed model and actress in her own 2008 calendar.
Mayrin Villanueva of Meh-Hee-Co
Since there is a new James Bond movie coming out within the next decade, all the rumours are starting to fly about who will be the next Bond girl. Oooooh. Considering most of the Bond girls are mere eye candy and seem to have no major impact on the plot, I don’t see what the big deal is to know WHO will be filling that hallow role. I’m more interested in hearing that the next film will continue with the darker edge and good writers like Paul Haggis will pen the screenplay. However, if the rumour is correct and Mayrin Villanueva will be part of the next Bond film, then let’s hope her role is as meaty as she is gorgeous to keep the Bond girl role a bit more interesting.
Xristina Stefanidi of Greece
Those Greeks and their flagrant use of the letter X. They’re silly. Now, if Xristina were of the North American persuasion, she’d be known as Christina because Americans will not tolerate names that start with X or any other consonant that has no proper pronunciation.
Brigitta Bulgari of Oh So Hungary
We have this Hungarian adult actress filed under the names Brigitta Bui, Brigitta Kocsis, Brigitta Cocktis, just plain ole Brigitta and of course, the correct Brigitta Bulgari. One of these days we’re going to figure out how to consolidate all of our misnamed celebrities in to the correct ones so that you don’t look foolish the next time you bring up the topic of Hungarian porn stars and talk about “Brigitta Cocktis.” You’ll like an idiot.
Natacha Jaitt of Argentina
TV and Radio show host from Argentina who promotes her opinions on the sex. That sentence sounds like the result of a poorly executed Google translator mishap.
Katie Downes of the United Kingdom (Members Bonus)
Nudography, Emily Mortimer
British actress Emily Mortimer, daughter of Sir John Mortimer, alway seems to have that cute and huggable look. Even here completely buckers in 'Lovely & Amazing (2001)'
Nudography, Catalina-Sandino Moreno
Oscar nominated Columbian actress Catalina-Sandino Moreno here in 'The Hottest State (2006)'
Nudography, Wendy Rhodes
Actress and producer Wendy Rhodes in 'Inland Empire (2006)'
Nudography, Alana Evans
Almost 200 (yes, 200) flicks to her name, American porn actress Alana Evans (Dawn Marie Thompson) here in 'Confessions of a Call Girl (1998)' which IMDb doesn't credit her for.
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